Psychology Degree

Psychology is the study of human behavior and an Online Psychology Degree prepares graduates to enter several different career paths based on their individual interests. If you are a powerhouse in human resources, counseling, community assignment, market fact-finding, marketing, manufacturing or any occupation areas which exact a lot of interaction with people and you have to enhance your psychology capacity in order to execute a better job or boost your job professionalism, a degree in psychology decidedly can stimulate you to complete your destination. Getting an Online Psychology Degree and starting on a career path into the Psychology field is achievable and can be done entirely online.

Course Work

Topical areas of inquiry include: human development, personality theory, neuroscience, learning, memory and cognition, emotion, sensation and perception, interpersonal relationships, personal adjustment, abnormal behavior and psychotherapy. Theoretical perspectives most emphasized over the course of studies include: Neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioral and social learning theories, humanist-existential, post structural and psychodynamic theories. The academic studies program prepares students to pursue studies in psychology at the graduate school level in either practical (i.e., clinical, school, counseling) or experimental (i.e., neuroscience, developmental, social, cognitive) specializations.

Example Courses

Potential Specializations

Applied Psychology
Child and Adolescent Development
Criminal Justice
Workplace Psychology
Sports Psychology

Job Outlook

The job outlook for students having bachelor of psychology degrees is fairly bright. This is due to the reason that the demand for these professionals is growing. Psychologists are needed in hospitals, clinics, schools as well as consulting companies. The median salary for full-time employees with a bachelor’s in psychology is $42,000.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of psychologists is expected to grow at an average rate through the year 2018. The need for trained professionals to help boost worker productivity and retention is expected to help drive the increase demand for industrial-organizational psychologists.

Median Salaries*

Case Manager: $32,500
Substance Abuse Counselor: $38,000
Social Worker: $42,500
Probation Officer $47,200
Human Resources Generalist: $48,700
Human Resources Manager: $65,600

*per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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