How to Get an Accredited Online College Degree


You may have decided to go back to school to obtain a license for a specialized job field. Maybe your going back to school to complete a degree you nearly finished. Or you’ve decided that you prefer the flexibility that online education offers, and hold a full or part-time job. When searching for an accredited online college degree not only are you seeking training, you may be concerned about raising intuition costs. There are affordable online school options. To get you started on your search take a peek at the following accredited schools:

*CSC. According to, Chadron State College offers degree’s in Teaching, Criminal Justice and Business for less than $4,800 annually.

*WGU. states Western Governors University costs less than $6000 each year for degrees in Business Management, Accounting, Security, Network Management, Special Education, Mathematics, Science and Nursing.

*SUNO. recognizes Southern University at New Orleans for it’s $4.911 tuition cost in General Studies (Humanities Concentration).

This translates into $400 to $500 per month. Watch out for schools that hide the true cost of annual tuition under the guise of per credit fees. Though it may be an excellent school, you want to have a realistic picture of what your monthly payments will be after graduation. Ideally you would offset most of the cost by paying as you go. Especially if you currently hold a full-time job, and your going to school in your spare time.

Once you have graduated if you have taken on debt, you may have heard that you can defer paying back your student loan if finances are tight. Do all you can in your power to initiate your monthly payments as you will still accrue interest under forbearance. This will raise your overall level of debt which you want to avoid.You’ll need to be self motivated, work on time management skills and enjoy the journey as you work toward your online degree.

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