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Up to recently, the granting of College bachelor degrees in the United States was the purview of one of the 4,726 colleges and universities, where students physically attended classes, and wrote papers and exams to complete their four years of study.

That has now all changed with computer technology, webcasting and the delivery of virtual college and university courses.

The Advantages of Online College Bachelor Degree Program

Online College bachelor degree programs are perfect for someone who may have mobility issues and cannot attend classes. As well, the online courses may be better suited for people who have to continue to work, or are in work or personal situations that do not allow them to take courses physically at a campus.

The online college degree program is the perfect answer for those who cannot, or may not want to attend a college or university campus.

What are the Risks?

The biggest issue with taking your college bachelor degree online is the issue of accreditation. We all know that recognized colleges and universities are accredited and can quickly check with accreditation bodies.

Many may not know that to offer a credible online College bachelor degree program, the college or university must be accredited for the program, the same as it would be for a typical degree program. There are a number of “private colleges” that appear to offer online college bachelor degree programs, and as with everything, it is buyer beware.

What can you Do?

What you can do is, ensure that the appropriate accreditation body accredits the program and the college or university. In the United States, there are six regional accreditation boards that administer accreditation, and they can be accessed online.

Online College bachelor degree programs offer a substantial opportunity for people to work towards their goals of higher education where circumstances may not allow them to physically attend a college or university.

There are a number of colleges and universities that are now accredited to deliver online College bachelor degree programs, and checking on Accreditation with appropriate accreditation boards must be a priority of anyone thinking of taking an online College bachelor degree program.

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